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Pre-cooling is done in the cold rooms which are very massive in size and they are called Pre- cooling units. These pre-cooling units have a standard mark denoting that they are assisted. By APEDA. After the sorting is done the products are kept into these pre-cooling units. These trays are placed on wooden slabs so that they avoid direct contact with the floor thus maintaining hygiene. With the help of these cooling units the perishable items are taken care of and processed to make it consumable for a longer time.

Utmost care is taken to keep hygiene and cleanliness. The door is not opened frequently as a result of which the temperature outside does not effect the temperature inside.Then after the pre cooling is done the products are then further forwarded to another department.



Duly pre-coolded products are transferred to this cool storage and the temperature is maintained according individual product and from it is loaded in our vehicles for airport and dock.


We ripens mangoes in natural ethylene gas which is most hygienic method and duly approved by APEDA. Due to our specialised ethylene ripening process the original and natural taste flavours and aroma are retained. This adds taste and recall value to the mango. Additionally the process also helps in retaining the vitamin content of the Alphonso mango.
We have adopted this ripening process because usage of chemicals for ripening is harmful and unhygienic therefore banned by Food Authority of India and BMC.

We also deal in seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Local delivery is complimentary.


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